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i need tidy.

I’ve always been a tidy and organised person.

My parents often remind me about my teenage ‘sort-outs’ and how I would move around the furniture in my bedroom on a regular basis, as well as constantly rearrange other peoples belongings around the house.

I used to come home from a term away at university and randomly decide to rearrange the insides of their kitchen cupboards, not to mention throw away any sauces/spices/dry goods that were past their use by dates - but somehow fail to mention this to my folks who would then be stuck cooking one evening looking for that vital missing ingredient!

Oops, i was only trying to help!

Between my mid-twenties and mid-thirties I moved home 8 times in 10 years... that was a lot of packing, unpacking, organising and arranging trust me! In flats and houses of varying sizes. In London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. With friends, an ex-boyfriend, and alone. But wherever I lived and whoever I lived with, I always tried to keep things tidy, organised and in their place - this was (of course) much easier when I lived on my own.

I need this. I need organised. I need calm. I. Need. Tidy.

Then, at the end of 2015 I met Fin - who in fairness is pretty tidy and very clean (cleaner than me) but does have a tendency to leave his clothes/shoes/tools/tech and other ‘general man stuff’ (what even is it and where do they get it from) all over the place! Suddenly you find yourself forever clearing up after them, picking up their clothes or putting away their bits and bobs. Then add to that the arrival of our son, and two years later our daughter - and there you have it… a whole other level of (constant) chaos! The mess. The toys. The food. The dishwashering (yes I just invented a new verb). The washing (and drying, folding, putting away). The tidying up. Ugh!

People always say “oh don’t tidy up for us” - but if I’m honest, it’s not about family/friends/visitors or anyone else - it’s for me. I like to keep our house tidy for me. And let’s face it, these past couple of years we’ve all spent a lot of time at home - so its important to love being in our homes right?!

It’s hard. Running a home. Keeping it tidy and organised. But it didn’t used to be. I used to be able to blitz the whole house in just an hour or two. All tidy, in order and looking lovely. Usually having decluttered and sorted out a few bags for the charity shop along the way too. But now, with a family to look after it can feel so much harder sometimes, though I still do it - and I usually enjoy it too! Especially the satisfaction and happiness it brings me when it’s all done, beautiful and sorted.

Anyway, the point of this (my first ever post) was simply to say “hello” and introduce myself (in a very long-winded way I now realise), and to say that I am now taking my passion, and something I am extremely good at (even if I say so myself) and turning it into my business… I want to sort, organise, declutter, and style people’s homes - so that they can simply relax and enjoy living life at home too!

I need tidy. Do you?

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